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The Pap Smear , introduced in the 1940s , is a highly valuable test methodology with a proven track record . In fact , it has been considered the greatest cancer prevention success story in the history of Medicine , by some .

Following its inception , Cervical Cancer rates plummeted . But abuses , financially motivated , came to the surface . Regulations came into place to ensure safety . After about 1990 , if a woman got an annual , conventional pap smear , cervical cancer was very uncommon . If a cancer case was missed it was often because labs were pushing the safety limits to the hilt and forcing cytotechs to screen high volumes of slides a day .

A major problem for the Pap Smear , is that it is not highly profitable . It is suspected that insurance companies or Special Interests are dictating policies rather than the Medical Professionals ?

The Pap smear appears to be in decline and many cytotechs have reacted with a fatalistic insouciance , leaving the field .

I predict that major abominations will take place .This is why we need to : Save The Pap Smears .